Estate Products that Embody Wine Country Living

Natural as Nature Intended

Gabrielle had a vision of establishing a bio-diverse and organic estate environment that expresses the full circle of wine country living-
Enrich the growing environment to create biodiversity needed to keep the estate vineyard and gardens naturally healthy… then reap the bounty to create products that make daily life joyful.

Plants that attrat beneficial insects, birds & bees are harvested to create GABRIELLE products from the estate olive grove, lavender field, herb garden, citrus & fruit orchard. It is an extension of artful wine country living and a complement to the O’Connell Family Wines.

Everything is produced a the Napa Valley Estate, so origin is known. The Estate has been farmed sustainability since 1990, organically since 2000 and today is certified organic. For 3 generations, Gabrielle’s family has embraced the botanical approach for nurturing health and quality of life.