Planting the Spring 2000 Vineyard

Wayne O’Connell and Gabrielle Leonhard, husband and wife team, decided to fulfill a life long dream of owning a vineyard in Napa Valley. Surrounded by such prestigious vineyards supplying Opus One, Caymus, Sequoia Grove, and Chateau Montelena, they realized their dream existed right under their feet, at a home they owned since 1988. Wayne bought a back hoe, son Preston assisted in land preparation and the vineyard crew assisted in the pre-preparation and planting tasks. The land was transformed into a thriving vineyard today producing grapes of exquisite quality found in the O’Connell Family Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon and in Gabrielle Collection and Gabrielle Limited Cabernets.

The plants arrived custom grafted to our specifications. The cane carries the clone selected for site conditions of sun exposure, soil conditions and disease resistance. We selected root stock 10114 and clones 337, 11 and 7. The diversity of clones provides great range of flavors in our wine.

The crew works from a pre-layed out grid to prepare holes for the plants, supporting metal stakes for the young vines and irrigation lines. French Gate Block.

The vines are planted, the irrigation line is adjusted to lay under the vine row. French Gate Block.

Vineyard crews installed the end posts to hold the supporting wire trellis. Creek Block.

The young vine grows.

The Creek Block today.