Gabrielle Limited wine Silver Stallion 2011

6 barrel production
Each bottle hand numbered

Excitement, anticipation…. After a 36 months extended French oak aging, SILVER STALLION has been released. The power of Cabernet Sauvignon, meets the earthiness of Malbec. A wine like this can only be in a magnum!

Its Story…..
On a wonderful trip to Italy, the family took a shopping excursion to a Moreno Glass factory. After waiting patiently and then not so patiently for his wife, Gabrielle and daughter to finish their selection of a chandelier and exquisite stemware, Wayne O’Connell saw a stunning blown glass statue almost 2 feet tall of a rearing stallion, it mane and hoofs encrusted with sterling silver. He had to have it! It took a year to make it, for the glass blower had to attempt it many times before success, as the cooling of the glass explodes the piece due to its massive volume.

Born to a family of cattle ranchers, his grandfather Charles O’Connell, a founder of the California Cattleman’s Association and raised on a cattle ranch and with horses, Wayne named the statue SILVER STALLION and declared “someday I will have a wine named after this magnificent horse.” For almost 3 years, Gabrielle worked on a Cabernet Sauvignon to suit the Stallion. Finally, she presented him with a surprise- a brawny Cabernet Malbec in honor of this beautiful horse. Strong, Sleek, Elegant!

The wine is only bottled in hefty magnums- 15 inches tall. It could not be any other way! As this is definitely a wine with a guy in mind, it is released from the winery on Father’s Day and for the Holidays… a magnum offers plenty of wine for Celebration