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Be there with the winemakers as they taste through the exciting 2013 vintage

The Art of Matchmaking… Tough Duty!!!!

Gabrielle Leonhard O’Connell, Vintner and Mitch Cosentino, Consulting Winemaker, discuss the flavor development and strategy during the 2013 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel Rollout in our insider’s video.

The art of blending our Cabernet Sauvignons is the core of producing a magnificent wine. Each harvested lot is keep and aged in separate barrels coaxing individual flavors to their individual expression.

We match the barrel type, whether it is medium, medium plus, or heavy toast to the character of the fruit and check the flavor development of each lot throughout its aging. Several times we will do a roll out of all the barrels to play matchmaker to select the most compatible barrels to give you the utmost experience when you enjoy the end result!

The barrels are removed from the cave and set in a line, so that we can efficiently taste each barrel. We keep a log of the flavor profile, and decide which barrel is best suited for which Cabernet. It’s a matchmaking game!