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Olive Crush 2015 Harvest

For the first time, we harvested our Meyer lemons and olives to be crushed together creating a fragrant olive oil. The historic tradition of crushing citrus and olives together originated in Italy as the last press in an Olive Mill. The citric acid cleans the mill and what comes out is a vibrant and fresh aromatic liquid that captures all the essential oils of the citrus right into the oil of the Olive.

It is so yummy that you just want to drink it straight out of the bottle! But better yet, use it to drizzle over grilled carrots and winter squash, grilled Seabass or perhaps a flavor packed Citrus vinaigrette.

Remember that exquisite oils such as this are never heated. They are used to add a finishing touch to the dish.

On December 15, we took 992 pounds of our olives and 225 pounds of our fine lemons to the mill. We are completely organic in our vineyard and gardens so this oil is 100% organically grown. The mill crushes the oil without ever exceeding 82° and thus is considered "Cold-pressed."

There is no manipulation or additives or anything artificial – just pure flavors from mother nature.

We’ll talk more about our very historic Mission olives in a future issue of the Newsletter.

We have been taking our Oak Knoll (Napa Valley) Estate Olives to Chacewater Winery and Olive Mill. Their Mill Master, Emilio dela Cruz worked there when the facility was still part of the Saint Gregory of Sinai Monastery.

Located in Kelseyville, the facility is a very noisy laboratory of high tech machines meeting the ancient technology and art of Olive Oil making.

The cold weather made the Crusher work for a little longer to reach the optimum 70-75° he was after. The Crusher emulsifies the oil and liquids which are then sent into the nearby centrifuge to remove the pure oil.

One more final filtering round and out comes a beautiful golden liquid – in this case, with a lemon flair added.

Watch a short clip of the Olive milling production process in action.

The Meyers Lemons really add a delicious complement to the Estate Olive Oils.

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Emilio and the "Crusher"