Winter 2016: Lifestyle

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A Fresh Start to a Fresh Year

Our GC Napa Valley Home products are made from essential oils and waters harvested from our organically farmed Napa Valley estate plus oils from other organic sustainable sources. A healthy garden equals a healthy home equals a healthy you.

Many reports have come out warning us against the artificial fragrances used in many commercial air fresheners and cleaning products.

We provide a luxuriously healthy alternative that cleans and purifies your home naturally. And as everyone knows, it is also far more fun to clean with products that smell fantastic!

The certified organic Napa Valley O'Connell Vineyard Estate Lavender, eucalyptus and citrus are key ingredients in the GC Home products-a botanical approach to home care.

Try our Organic Kitchen and Bath Counter Refresher to disinfect and clean all your counters

Our Organic Extra Cleansing Hand Soap uses a gentle but effective Castille soap as its base to wash and disinfect your hands.

The Organic Air Fresh Spray will freshen your room with a gentle lavender and override unpleasant odors.

Make Everyday Life Naturally Luxurious!

For three generations, Gabrielle's family has embraced the botanical approach for nurturing health and quality of life. The O'Connell Family Estate has been farmed sustainably since 1990, and organically since 2000.

Gabrielle's mother, Inge Leonhard was a food and wine chemist in France. Refusing to use the chemical cleaners on the market, she made her own using white vinegar, lemon juice, beeswax, and baking soda.

Plants that attract beneficial insects, birds, and bees are harvested to create the Gabrielle Collection's GC Products. The Oak Knoll estate's great olive grove, lavender field, herb garden, citrus and fruit orchards provide the raw material.

Gabrielle embraces a natural approach to a healthy and aromatic home by making products utilizing lavender and eucalyptus waters from estate-grown plants plus other organically-grown essential oils that are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, such as citrus.

Our Home Products are all made in a natural way without additives and chemicals. All products contain only the finest quality vegetable ingredients. They can be purchased at the online shop--and soon, in our Napa Store.

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