Winter 2016: The Store

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Gabrielle Opens Napa Store

Coming This Spring!

Follow us as the Store Develops from a boring office space to an exciting treasure of distinctive gifts & tasting experiences.

Our own store will be opening soon in the heart of downtown Napa!

We are opening up a showcase site for the Gabrielle Collection, O'Connell Family Wines, Pietro Family Cellars wines, and GC Napa Valley products.

Napa is transforming by the day and is becoming the destination it deserves to be. Several new boutique hotels and shops are under restoration, uplifting the core of Napa into a must-visit destination.

First Street is the pulse of downtown and we will be located at First and Main, right in the hub of the action beside the river. We have a great view of the hills from the outdoor patio.

Gabrielle has had a vision for years of a store that would bring to the consumer her appreciation of wine, the estate vineyard and the lifestyle it provides--all done with organic "farm to table" practices at its very core!

Our fresh herbs, lavender and olives are the foundation of our products and carry a multi-generational point of view that living close to the earth and enjoying its bounty of food and wine is the ultimate luxury in life.

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