Winter 2016: Wine

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Time to Stock the Cellar!

January is an ideal month to assess what wines of your collection to drink and which ones to keep for a few more months or years.

How long wine will age has many variables. One of the key considerations is your storage. If you have temperature controlled wine storage (55-57degrees), the wine will last longer. If you’re going to be keeping it at room temperature (70 degrees), then you want to drink it within 10 years or so.

The 2007’s are aging well as are the 2006 and 2008’s. If you have these wines, open them now to enjoy, as they are in a lovely place in their evolution.

I have prepared a chart with my thoughts, which you can link to on our website as well as our Facebook page.

Wild blackberries and savory notes of cedar and spice...

Younger wines have a fruity vibrancy. Older wines have a beautiful integration of all the flavors and are very smooth. Deciding when to open a bottle has a lot to do with your preferences.

Don't worry if the wine is a little brown around the edges. That is perfectly normal in wines that are around 10 years. The older the wine, the more brown due to natural oxidation through the cork. You will also see sediment attached to the cork. We either do not filter or filter very minimally, so this is a natural occurrence. Certainly, nothing to worry about!

Growing conditions also make a big contribution to longevity.

With all the holiday festivities over, it is an ideal month to nest at home, prepare a simple meal and pop a cork of your favorite O'Connell Family wine. Food, wine and good company... Ah, life's simple pleasures!

I have selected a wine that I think is drinking perfectly right now along with a suggest menu (drum roll please!).

Equilateral Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley 2011 paired with a winter menu of Harris Ranch Prime Rib, Rosemary Garlic Potatoes, and Pureed Cauliflower. See Menu Page.

And, of course a salad with a delectable drizzle of our new Meyer Lemon Olive Oil--stay tuned, it will be released in February.

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